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                    RESCU - 3

    3 ton portable cooling unit

    vertical condenser air discharge collar can be ducted to outside or ceiling kit

    digital temperature display on thermostat

    anti-short-cycle delay

    easy condensate tank access

    includes condensate pump for external draining

    automatic shutoff when tank is full with indicator light

    high qulity casters for easy movement 

    embossed aluminum cabinet

    internal circuit breaker for overload protection

    front discharge grille with directional louvers

    208/230 volt single phase

    optional condenser air intake plenum for ducting

    high density cabinet insulation for quiet operation


    Key Benefits

Quality durable construction 
Ease of operation

Call For Pricing        1-877-RESCU 10


24 Hour Emergency Pager 1-800-876-5990

Information Request E-mail: 


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