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Airflow Emergency manufactures, sells and rents Portable Cooling Units and Mobile Heating & Cooling Units to provide air conditioning for critical situations when it is absolutely vital to maintain indoor temperatures at acceptable levels. Some of these critical applications would be:
            Computer Equipment Rooms
            Medical Labs
            Health Care Facilities 
            Nursing Homes
            Emergency Shelters
            Retail Outlets
  Tent Functions / Events
These critical situations can be caused by HVAC equipment failures / shutdowns,  power outages, natural disasters, etc.


Our equipment once on site can be operational within minutes. "RESCU"  mobile trailer mounted units are available with generators and enough fuel to operate up to five days without refueling, eliminating the need for extensive, costly and perhaps unsafe power wiring into the building electrical service. In the case of power failures our system will operate without the need for separate generator rental and hook-up costs.
"RESCU" comes with utility electrical outlets which will allow for minimal lighting loads as well.   
Setup requires our attaching flexible ducts from our units to the building ductwork or to optional air discharge plenums.   
RESCU - 10

10 ton trailer mounted heating & cooling system


5 ton trailer mounted heating & cooling system


3 ton portable cooling unit

RESCU - 20

       20 ton trailer mounted cooling system without generator


Call Toll Free    1-877-RESCU 10 (1-877-737-2810)

24 Hour Emergency Pager 1-800-876-5990

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